5 Mistakes That Hinder Weight Loss

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It Is Nearly Impossible To Lose Weight

How many times have you set goals to lose weight and failed to meet them? You know the routine by now: You cut out the starches and sugars in your diet, remove the fatty and greasy foods, and get more active if you're lucky. But soon enough, the diet crashes, and you're back at square one, eating the same foods that caused you to need the diet in the first place.

If this has been your experience, you aren't at fault. You're likely one of the millions of people battling a sugar addiction. As many as three out of four people who are overweight are addicted to sugar and simple carbohydrates. Breaking the habit is by no means easy, but the difference is in whether you understand how the addiction works or if you're just bound to repeat the cycle.

It's shocking how much sugar and carb addiction goes undiagnosed and untreated - this makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. Without the sweet treat, you will feel tired, light-headed, or confused. It also means having a compelling hunger or craving for starches, sweets, and junk foods, like bread, bagels, cakes, cereal, chocolate, cookies, crackers, doughnuts, fruit juice, ice cream, chips, pasta, potatoes, pretzels, rice, pie, popcorn, and sugar-sweetened beverages. You may even experience shaking or weakness that is relieved only by eating something with sugar or simple carbs.

And so you've probably struggled for years to lose weight to no avail. Your efforts might have been unsuccessful because, when it comes to sugar addiction, going cold turkey is a grueling test of willpower and, in some cases, impossible. After all, are you aware of how much sugar is really in the food you eat? High fructose corn syrup is in the most unlikely of places; your sugar addiction could be the one thing standing in the way of you finally slimming down, and you may not even have known such a thing existed until this very moment! This article will tell you the five mistakes that will only leave the pounds you've been trying to shed still stubbornly attached to you and how you can jump-start your weight loss goals.

a nutritional guide for a balanced diet

1Enabling Your Sugar Addiction

A lot of people know someone who has struggled with alcohol addiction, but even more of us know people who can't be without their desserts. You might even be craving something sweet to nibble on right now. Sugar addiction is most likely the most widespread addiction in the world, but it's hard to say with a great deal of certainty since so many cases go undiagnosed. It leads directly to all sorts of health trouble, from obesity to eventually full-blown diabetes, but once you understand where your sugar addiction stems from, you can fight against it. Having the information to defend yourself against this vicious cycle is the only way you'll be able to break free of it.

When you eat sugar or simple carbs, your blood sugar jumps, so insulin naturally kicks in to keep your blood sugar levels normal. Keep in mind that sugar is hidden in all types of foods, not just sweet desserts. Ketchup, low-fat salad dressings, and bagels are all loaded with sugar! So when you continually eat these kinds of foods, your cells stop letting the sugar in (a.k.a., insulin resistance).

This causes an overload of insulin and extra sugar swirling around in your blood and makes you crave even more sugar because the glucose isn't getting to your cells for energy. In a way, you eat these sugars because your body is craving the energy that it's not getting! You need what no diet or exercise program can give; it helps break your craving for sugar and carbs by coming at it from the cellular level. You'll be amazed at how your cravings for sugar and starchy junk foods will naturally and painlessly begin to subside. Don't be fooled by diet drinks; while the consumption of diet sodas and sugar-free drinks has skyrocketed, people are fatter, sicker, and more addicted to sugar than ever before.

a nutritional guide for a balanced diet

2Using Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners actually fuel sugar addiction! It's all about those taste buds in your digestive system. When your body tastes the sweetness of a diet soda, it releases insulin to handle the expected sugar. But when no sugar shows, you wind up with a glut of insulin in your bloodstream with no sugar to process. This insulin overload increases cravings for sweets and makes your cells resistant to insulin; once again, the dangerous cycle of fat kicks in!

But it's worse than that. Diet sodas can increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke. According to a paper presented at the American Heart Association's recent international stroke conference in Los Angeles, researchers said that drinking just one diet soda a day could increase your risk of stroke or heart attack by 48%. They are both linked to the toxic cycle of fat that we've been talking about.

a nutritional guide for a balanced diet

3Following Bad Advice

Your doctor may have told you that you simply need to get more active and change your diet in order to lose weight. But did you know that there are millions of people with active lifestyles and good diets that still can't figure out a way to lose excess flab, no matter how much they exercise? Chronic weight trouble, along with belly fat, is not about cutting calories, lack of exercise, or laziness - it's about stopping the hidden cycle that traps your body in toxic fat.

No matter what you call it - "belly fat," "muffin top," or "tummy bulge" - the extra fat around your middle isn't something to make light of. In fact, it's nothing short of a serious and destructive health risk; it's really called visceral fat (not to be confused with the "regular" subcutaneous fat that sits right below your skin). And it doesn't just stay in your belly; in fact, this kind of visceral fat infiltrates the places it shouldn't, like your liver, muscles, and bloodstream. It wraps around vital organs and gets trapped deep in your gut; because of this, losing weight becomes incredibly difficult, and keeping it off becomes virtually impossible.

Unlike regular fat, visceral fat is brimming with unhealthy, toxic chemicals, and these toxins don't just stay put within the fat. They spew out into your system! The newest science shows that these very fat chemicals not only destroy the balance of "slimming" hormones, but they also wreak havoc on your blood sugar and attack virtually every major organ! As a result, your body gets caught in a nearly unbreakable cycle of toxic fat, and you get heavier and sicker because of it! In fact, the effects of belly fat are so devastating that large waists are now associated with increased risk of death, even in supposed "normal weight" people!

4Assuming Willpower Is At Fault

If you're addicted to simple carbs and sugar, it isn't your fault; if you've been doing everything you can to slim down and if it just isn't working, you aren't at fault. It's your body chemistry working against you; for some people, eating better and getting in a few long walks each week just seems to work. What's their secret? They have a fast metabolism; if your metabolism is already fast, it doesn't take much prodding to get the body up to speed on burning fat; but what if your metabolism is slow? That's the case for millions of people who have healthy habits yet are still overweight.

So you have a number of options when it comes to your weight loss plan. The first and most simple is also the most expensive: You can spend thousands of dollars on surgery. For most people, this is too costly to even be an option; this article won't focus much on that. The second option is that you can commit to a low-carb diet, which is a true test of willpower that many of us have several experiences failing at. This option isn't just a diet; it's a lifestyle change and one that only works for as long as you commit to it.

Or you have a third option. You can get a jump-start into losing weight by rebooting your metabolism with a substance called forskolin, also known as coleonol, a chemical found in the Indian Coleus plant. Researchers have found that forskolin can help to promote the breakdown of stored fat in both animal and human fat cells. Forskolin fires up your metabolism and keeps stoking it to burn the fat continuously. In fact, studies show that weight loss actually accelerates after day 45, which is when most weight loss efforts hit a wall!

5Using The Wrong Methods

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study (the gold standard in research), those who took forskolin for 90 days, along with diet, lost an average of 30 pounds, losing three times more weight than those who followed a diet only. Specifically, at the end of the trial, in the forskolin group, women experienced an average weight loss of 26 pounds, and men lost an average of 34 pounds. The participants following the diet alone lost an average of only ten pounds.

The same research found that participants also had a significant reduction in serum triglyceride levels - the blood fat linked to cardiovascular problems. Forskolin is a chemical compound that has a lot to offer toward your weight loss efforts as well as anyone you know who may be struggling with their weight. Most people don't even know it exists, which is exactly why they're stuck. There are a lot of forskolin supplements sold by a lot of different companies out there; all you have to do, though, is choose one trusted brand to learn about and get started there. Once you've begun arming yourself with information, you'll be able to craft your plan of attack to slash several pounds off that number on the scale!

Fighting Your Sugar Addiction Today

If diet and exercise have never helped you get ahead when it comes to weight loss, forskolin might be the missing link in the formula for your success. You'll need a product that specifically combats sugar addiction, but you're in luck. Forskothin is a product that uses forskolin as its key ingredient. It's built to combat sugar addiction and combat weight loss at the source of its problem.

Taking Forskothin isn't a route where you can easily shed pounds, making no changes to your daily life, but it's a much more affordable alternative to weight loss surgery, but it takes time. You won't see the results overnight, but unlike the low-carb diet, you won't go out of your mind trying to cut out every food you enjoy eating either. You'll have a boost of energy that'll help you get more active on Forskothin, and with more energy, you'll find yourself snacking less.

If you think you need to learn more about Forskothin, you have two options. The first option is a video that's about 30 minutes that will only tell you a bit more than what you've already learned in this article. The second option is a letter that will take you approximately 15 minutes to read; that is just as long-winded as the video and again won't tell you much more than what you've learned here or what you already know. But if you think you need the information, go right ahead and click this link.

If you're ready to make a purchase and get started with your first month of Forskothin, however, you can click the link above, and you'll be taken to the order form where you can purchase Forskothin for as low as $49.95 per bottle. There's no risk because there's a money-back guarantee. The only thing you have to lose are those extra pounds!

  • a nutritional guide for a balanced diet
  • a nutritional guide for a balanced diet
  • a nutritional guide for a balanced diet
  • a nutritional guide for a balanced diet
  • a nutritional guide for a balanced diet